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I recently received a query letter that was literally painful to read. Yikes! While I believe many agents would have ignored the query, I actually felt compelled to respond and tell the writer why it was imperative to rewrite the letter if he or she had any hopes of getting an agent. Not only was […]

Let’s face it…no one likes to wait! Patience is not one of my strong suits (though I am getting better) and when you work in publishing, you need a lot of patience! One thing I have learned as both an author and an agent is that whatever amount of time you think something should take […]

Are you about to begin querying agents for your novel or nonfiction manuscript? With literally tens of thousands of agents representing books, the process may seem overwhelming. Some people begin this endeavor without a plan, thinking, “I will just query every single agent I can get an email address for and see what sticks…” This […]