Why coaching?

Are you ready to make your writing career dream a reality? Have you felt stuck in certain areas of the writing or publishing process and are not sure how to move forward?

Working with a coach – who has experience as both an agent and an author – can provide you with the forward momentum you need.

book a call

My book coaching services can help you finally get your story on paper.

Whether you need support in the book mapping process, narrowing down themes and hooks, or need an accountability partner who will ensure you are progressing on a regular basis, and in the right direction, I can help you through any stage of the book writing process. 

Coaching Options

Not sure which option is the best for you?

Book coaching

critique + feedback

Platform building

My critique and feedback sessions are ideal for anyone needing experienced eyes on crucial documents such as a query letter or book proposal.

These services ensure you are putting the most powerful query letters and proposals in front of agents and editors.

Last, for my nonfiction writers, it's likely you've heard about the importance of platform and branding.

My one-on-one clarity call explores the dos and don’ts of platform building and provides you with the strategies and tools needed to position yourself as a trusted expert in your subject matter.

I bring almost 10 years of experience in platform building to our phone call, having built my own health brand to an audience reach of 500K per month!

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