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Your book proposal and sample chapters are two of the most important documents necessary in securing a traditional book publishing deal. With just one chance to impress editors, you will want to make sure these documents are attention-grabbing, concise, powerful, and properly organized. 

Who needs this service?

Anyone who is about to begin querying agents or publishers with a nonfiction manuscript and wants a professional set of eyes on their completed book proposal and two sample chapters. 
A writer who has started querying agents but is not receiving responses or is continually receiving rejections without much feedback. 

What's provided in this service?

With this critique package, I will read your completed book proposal (which should include detailed chapter outlines), plus two sample chapters. Please note that one of the sample chapters must be the first chapter of your book. 

Upon reviewing these documents, I will provide written feedback on how to improve the proposal and which areas need specific changes. 

In addition, I will:

• Analyze your overview to determine if it is concise, informative, and grabs the reader’s attention.
• Determine if your audience and demographics sections have been thoroughly researched and introduced to the reader.
• Assess your competitive titles.  
• Establish if the first page of your proposal and your first chapter hook the reader. 
• Determine if the proposal is organized properly and enjoyable to read.
• Analyze whether or not the proposal explains to agents or publishers the need for the book and why you are the ideal person to discuss the subject matter. 

These are just a few questions I ask when reviewing nonfiction proposals and sample chapters. I am also interested to see if your passion for the story is evident in your proposal and sample chapters, and if the hook or selling handle of your manuscript is clear and unique. 

Investment: $200

Proposal critiques are typically returned within seven to 10 business days.

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