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If you are a writer trying to traditionally publish in the nonfiction space, you have most likely read about the importance of having a platform. Mapping out and building your platform helps to establish you as an expert on a particular topic over a period of time. It also helps a publisher know that you bring a built-in audience when you sign with them, one that is already interested in your topic and will likely purchase your book. 

Who Needs a Platform?

Not all authors needs a platform, for example, fiction writers do not need to build their platform the way a nonfiction writer will need to. But, let’s say you are a cake decorator who has written a book on cake decorating shortcuts and secrets. In addition to great writing, amazing photos, and a unique hook for your manuscript, be prepared for a publisher to research your blog or social media accounts. 

The publisher is going to want to see that you regularly post information, photos, and videos that relate to baking and cake decorating. The publisher is also going to want to see that you have attracted the interest of people who want to learn how to decorate cakes, and how you interact with these followers online. 

Building a platform is much larger than just deciding you are going to create a social media account. There must be a specific strategy and purpose behind your labor…and I call it labor for a reason, building a platform takes time and effort. 

Who Can Benefit from a Coaching Session?

If you are in the initial stages of building your platform or have not seen any growth from your recent efforts, consider a Social Media & Platform Coaching Call. 

During this 1-hour phone call, we will:

• Assess your social media and platform needs and how this relates to your manuscript. 
• Narrow down your preferred audience, which social media outlets are most suitable for your subject matter, and what type of content should be created. 
• We will discuss strategic planning, how to create content calendars, and which content management software options can help streamline the process. 
• We will also analyze how blogging, newsletters, and freebies may benefit your platform. 

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As an author and an influencer who successfully built a platform in the healthcare industry, I understand what is necessary to position yourself as an expert in your subject matter. Before selling my hybrid memoir, I built my LupusChick platform via social media accounts, YouTube and blogging, and had an audience reach of 500,000 people per month upon approaching publishers. I also learned a lot about branding and building trust through social media during my time as a journalist with Gannett. 

Not all platforms will reach this number, and some will surpass this number. The goal of a platform isn’t just your number of followers, but rather building a community of engaged and loyal followers who trust your insight and advice on a particular topic.

I’d love to work together and help you set yourself apart from others in your chosen subject matter. 

Investment Options

Private one hour Social Media & Platform Coaching Overview Call: $125

Additional one hour coaching sessions – Great for accountability as you begin to build your platform and implement specific strategies we discuss: $75 each

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