I'm Marisa, an agent with Strachan Literary.

Whether it is an intoxicating memoir or a women’s fiction novel that allows the reader to escape for a little while, there is nothing I love more than helping my clients share their story with the world.

My mission is not to only be an agent to my clients but also someone who encourages and walks alongside them through every step of the publishing process.

If you have a completed manuscript (fiction) or a proposal and sample chapters (nonfiction), and are ready to begin querying agents, visit my Query Me page to learn more about what I am seeking to represent. 

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Not ready to query?
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I believe everyone has at least one book inside of them waiting to be told. Sometimes, we aren’t quite sure how to get these ideas down on paper. My book coaching sessions can help you progress from the idea stage all the way to having a completed manuscript. 

Already have a partial or completed nonfiction manuscript ready for agents? Then you may benefit from my proposal and sample chapters critique and feedback services. 

Or, for both novelists and nonfiction writers, my query feedback service can ensure you are approaching agents with a powerful query letter. 

Last, my social media and platform branding session is perfect for anyone curious about how to build their platform and stand out as a trusted expert in their chosen subject matter.

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